Jingdong personal express increase is hard to find, Jingdong Logistics's money is only enough for two years.
Jingdong Logistics has suffered consecutive losses since its establishment 12 years ago, of which the total loss in 2018 exceeded 2.8 billion. "Assuming that this loss, the money from Jingdong Logistics will only be enough for two years." Liu Qiangdong did not disguise the loss of Jingdong Logistics in his internal letter to the distributors. From 2013 to 2017, Jingdong's performance fee rates were 5.90%, 7.00%, 6.80%, 7.20%, and 7.10%, respectively. There was no trend of significant decline with range growth. Huang Gang, chairman of Hansen's supply chain and well-known e-commerce logistics expert, thought that the self-built logistics had a large investment period and a long period of time. However, the scope of Jingdong's own business flow is still lacking to cover up the investment cost, which is the main reason for Jingdong Logistics' loss. In order to increase the amount of receipts and increase the company's external income, Jingdong canceled the distribution staff's basic salary but greatly improved the package. Liu Qiangdong also said that "the progress of the package can only rely on the delivery staff, there is no other way." Two days after the internal letter was issued, Jingdong Logistics went online to deliver the same city distribution business. After the user placed the order, the system sent the order to the Dada Knight and the Jingdong logistics team to complete the delivery. The fastest delivery was completed in 30 minutes. However, Jingdong Express Co., Ltd. When taking on the role of market promotion, JD’s own advantage in personal express delivery business failed to perform.
The advantage of Jingdong Logistics lies in the management from one warehouse to the other. For many years, Jingdong has been increasing its investment in warehousing from time to time. Personal delivery of this multi-point to multi-point business, also requires Jingdong to improve its own parts transportation network outside the warehouse allocation system, and find a stable traffic portal.
At present, the top-level design and related investment have not been matched. Jingdong once gave the pressure of the collection to the "brothers" of Liu Qiangdong.

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