In the "smart +" era, the OTM system promotes the high-quality development of all-in-one express logistics services.
In the process of changing to intelligent logistics, Youhe Daotong Group has already understood the importance of digitalization, and firmly believes that the future logistics enterprises are technological enterprises and adhere to technological innovation as the driving force. In order to better support and promote the strategic goal of the wholly-owned subsidiary of the company to become a one-stop, integrated logistics service enterprise, the group's senior management proposed to introduce mature and standardized industry information software, and establish a framework-level logistics transportation management system. Requirements. The introduction of OTM transportation management system plays a key role in supporting the transformation and development of the whole express delivery and deep exploration of large customers. As the main business system to undertake the company's integrated logistics business, we will accelerate the development of intelligent technology with information technology construction, comprehensively improve the informationization capability, enhance the wisdom and level of information systems, and promote the high-quality development of all-in-one express logistics services, and move toward smart logistics. Speed up and refuel.
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