Customizing the era, and see how Omar can capture the hearts of users
With the continuous advancement of the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, the demand for different models in different segments has gradually become apparent, and the special vehicle transportation has become a trend of industry development. On September 24th, Ouma's value storm swept the “hometown of express delivery” Tonglu, based on the express delivery industry and subdivided transportation conditions, from product serialization, product performance deep customization, to service innovation, providing users with industry. The first operational value solution throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle has won the favor of a large user base with higher operational value. “Excellent quality, heart-to-heart service” is the reason why Omar “Express Industry Quality Experience Officer” revealed “love” to Omarco to the new truck force reporter. Quality Experience Officer Jiang Master-Logistics "Newcomer" Demand Focus: Intentional service Master Jiang from Tonglu is a "newcomer" who has just entered the logistics and transportation industry. He usually transports furniture, steel pipes and other items between Tonglu and Xiaoshan. . This time, Omar can issue a special visit to Master Ou Keke's "Express Star" vehicle, and said that the end of the year to change the car to buy a S5 "Express Star".
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